As you are aware, if your business moves goods between the UK and countries in the EU, you need to follow new customs and tax rules.
This doesn’t just mean importing and exporting goods, but can also include moving your own equipment and stock between the UK and the EU.
Grants are available through the
SME Brexit Support Fund to help you with practical support, including training or professional advice to adjust to new customs, rules of origin, and VAT rules when trading with the EU. 

Further to previous communications, you will be aware that up to £2,000 is available to claim through the
Customs Intermediary Grant website. Now is your last chance to claim, as applications for this must be received before Wednesday 3‌‌0th June .
We are able to put you in touch with specialists who can assist you with the advice and training. If you would like any help with the grants, please
contact us .