Capital expenditure and capital allowances

When your business is growing – or you want to be positioned to identify and make the most of growth opportunities – you are likely to need to invest in buildings, plant and machinery.

With significant sums involved, we can help you to gain the maximum benefit from your investment, by planning your capital expenditure to achieve the most tax-efficient solutions, both in terms of timing and tax allowances.

The capital allowances tax regime is a complex one and many businesses lose out financially each year as a direct result of unclaimed capital allowances – because they are not aware of these allowances, do not fully understand the benefits of claiming these reliefs, or how to claim in the most effective way, or because they fail to claim in time.

So it makes sense to talk to our expert team as soon as you start thinking about capital expenditure, so we can develop a spending strategy that makes best use of capital allowances, as a valuable incentive to building your business.

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