Retirement planning

It’s never too early to think about retirement planning, to help you maximise your financial security when you stop working or step aside from your business. As a starting point, the process involves asking some key questions…

  • What are my assets, for example a business, the family home, investment property, pension funds, savings and investments?
  • What income can these generate?
  • What income do you need/would like to have?
  • When would I like to retire?

Because your business, personal and family circumstances change over time, your retirement plan needs to evolve with you, enabling you to take the right action at the right time to manage your financial affairs in the most effective way. Regular reviews, which may become more frequent as retirement approaches, will help your plan to keep pace with any changes.

Our team can provide support at all stages of your retirement planning, in conjunction with your other professional advisers.

For example, working with your Independent Financial Adviser we can assess your risk profile and advise on whether you should be reducing your exposure to volatility in the value of your investments.

We can also assess the level of income your assets could be generate in retirement and advise on structuring your assets in a way that will support your retirement plan. We can also provide expert advice to ensure the tax efficiency of all your retirement planning arrangements and make sure all aspects work together effectively from a tax perspective.

For more information on how Fiander Tovell accountants in Southampton can help you, please contact us.