Tax Deadlines

The deadlines below are the most common, although there may be other deadlines that apply to you, particularly if your affairs include special arrangements or schemes. Please contact us for advice on your particular circumstances.

Personal tax

  • 31 January: submit personal tax return and pay tax
  • 28 February: 5 per cent surcharge on unpaid tax due on 31 January
  • 5 April: end of the tax year; ensure any transactions completed
  • 31 July: pay second instalment of personal tax; additional 5 per cent penalty if tax due on 31 January remains unpaid
  • 31 July: submit Tax Credit Annual Declarations, Renewals, or new claims for the current year
  • 6 October: advise HMRC of new sources of income
  • Within three months of starting self-employment: advise HMRC to avoid £100 fine.
  • 30 December – deadline for online filing if you if you wish HMRC to calculate your tax or you wish your tax (up to £2,000) to be collected through your PAYE code


  • 9 months after year end: pay corporation tax
  • 9 months after year end: submit accounts to Companies House
  • 12 months after year end: submit company tax return
  • Three months after starting a trade or other income-generating activity: advise the HM Revenue & Customs to avoid fine of £300

You made need to notify HM Revenues and Customs within 30 days after the end of the month in which:

  • your turnover exceeds the VAT registration limit (£70,000 in the financial year 2010-11)
  • you cease trading or otherwise need to deregister
  • your turnover has fallen below the registration limit
  • you change your address or name (including company name change).


  • 19th of each month: (22nd if paying electronically) pay PAYE/NIC and CIS for the previous month
  • 19 April: deadline for PAYE/NICs due for tax year ended on 5 April
  • 19 May: issue P60s and submit P35
  • 6 July: submit forms P11D, P9D and form 42s and EMI40s
  • 19 July: pay Class 1A National Insurance

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