Autumn 2023

We continue to go from strength to strength and looking to build on the quality staff that we already have to support our growing client base.

We are delighted to announce that Chris Griffiths has been promoted to the Equity Board of Fiander Tovell. Chris joined the Commercial Team in 2015, and took over leadership of the team towards the end of 2022. Chris will be part of the team that will be determining the long term strategy of the firm, and we are looking forward to seeing this develop.

Esther McKay has joined us as a supervisor into our Outsourcing (management accounts) Team. Esther is an experienced management accountant who will be providing services to our ever increasing number of clients where we are providing a fully outsourced accounting function. We look to find the right complement of software and experience to provide valuable and regular financial information to enable our clients to manage and develop their business.

If you think we might be able to help you, please reach out to:

Welcome to our new team members!

At this time of year we welcome in our new intake of trainees to join, what we have branded, the FT Academy. The role of the Academy is to provide structured training and development opportunities for A-level students joining the firm as they start on their journey to becoming an accountant. To meet current and future staffing needs we have taken on 6 additional trainees: Callum McAdam joins the Private Client Team; Megan Womersley, Luis Llewellyn, Henry Gay, Jamie O’Connor and Sam Evans join the Commercial Team. They have all come from local colleges with whom we have built strong relationships over many years.

Over the summer we had a number of college students come into the office for work experience.

More topics covered in this quarter’s issue include:

  • R&D single scheme uncertainty for companies
  • HMRC detective work means tax bill for eBay trader
  • Paying voluntary National Insurance contributions
  • Child Benefit – watch the sting in the tail
  • GDPR right of access: new guidance
  • What is extended producer responsibility for packaging?

Download a copy of our full business update below.