An Audit Career with a Difference

An Audit Career with a Difference

At Team FT, we work with five core values at the forefront of all that we do. This translates to our constantly evolving Corporate Team, where opportunity, fairness, transparency, personal responsibility, and teamwork are at the heartbeat of our success.  

From the rewarding feeling of completing an audit, to establishing mutually beneficial working relationships and discovering a healthy work-life balance – join us as we cast a new light on the industry, revealing what it means to truly excel in the world of audit and redefining standards with every step.  

Finding a rewarding career

When you’re working in a field that you’re passionate about, such as with audit, we understand the joy of seeing a project from start to finish. Project-to-project, each member of the team is an active part of the process, from planning to fieldwork and then final sign-off. Where some firms may leave client-facing tasks solely to senior members of staff, we encourage the development of well-rounded auditors who are equipped to deal with queries and client interactions.  

We carry out audits of a wide range of companies, including charities, large group companies, partnerships and solicitors’ audits – being able to understand the intricacies of our client-base empowers our team to navigate each project with confidence! 

Take Sian, for example, who joined our Training Programme back in 2018. Now one of our Audit Supervisors, she enjoys the varied nature of life on our audit team: 

‘My role has progressed to being extremely varied and allows me to see all aspects of an audit from the preparation before the year end and communication with the client for planning, to the tying up of final queries and finalising the adjustments and disclosures in the accounts so they’re ready for signing. I spend time onsite during the fieldwork to assist the team with queries as they crop up as well as review work completed to date and discuss feedback in person as needed.’

Promoting mutually beneficial relationships 

As our team members develop their expertise, we hope that they not only put it into practice through their own work, but spur on our younger team members to find their feet within auditing. With a team ranging from school-leavers to auditors with 20 years’ experience, a culture of learning and development is at the forefront of our work.  

We constantly have several projects on the go at once, splitting our auditors into several smaller teams. On each individual project, the team is structured to include individuals with differing levels of experience, ensuring that every member of the team feels adequately supported throughout. This inspires our culture of continuous learning and professional development; our trainees are able to learn from qualified auditors, whilst our senior team members receive enough support on the project at hand.  

‘There are various levels [of people] in the team who each have different roles and responsibilities. We work together on audit jobs and provide the support we need to each other.’ – Ciaran, Accounts & Audit Senior 

Discovering healthy work-life balance… 

Many members of our team found their role at Fiander Tovell in search of a firm with a more sustainable work-life balance, allowing them to discover their passion for audit, whilst avoiding burnout. We prioritise the cultivation of an environment that allows our people to thrive and feel at home even when they’re at work. Our down-to-earth, friendly office culture is what we feel makes us different to the rest. It enables our team to work to a standard that they can truly be proud of, whilst avoiding the burnout typically associated with audit. 

…Whether you’re at the beginning of your career… 

‘I first learned about Fiander Tovell at a college careers fair, the two colleagues at the stand were far more approachable than other firms and were happy to answer any questions I had. As soon as I began on my first day, I was made to feel welcome and was provided great support in my learning.’ – Kaitlyn, Audit Supervisor 

… Or looking for a new role to shake up your audit journey! 

‘I was looking for a better work life balance and the right firm to support me in my growth and journey. I felt FT had better support and the directors were being honest in the interview not just telling me what I wanted to hear. The firm also offered far more flexibility in working compared to some of the other places I interviewed.’ – Mike, Audit Manager 

If you’re looking to (re)ignite your passion for audit, then a role on our 24-strong audit team could be what you’re looking for. Our growing Corporate Department is always looking for talented and ambitious professionals to join their renowned audit team.  

Does Fiander Tovell sound like an environment where you’ll thrive? Check out our rolling vacancies here!